Formula for Success

As discussed in Use the Formula for Success with Simply Music Piano Lessons and Coaching: The Final Success Factor for Simply Music Piano Lessons, you can use formulas to check in with yourself periodically, seeing how you’re doing in your approach to piano lessons and what opportunities there may be to get even better results.

For students, as you’ll see, there are ten success factors. For each, you can rate yourself from 1-10, 10 being best. When you achieve all 100 possible points, you’ll experience the greatest success and the quickest, easiest progress. The first page provides a simple form that you can print and fill in, while the second provides a description of what a 10 would look like for each of the success factors.

For coaches, there is a single success factor to be rated from 1-10, 10 being best. Because of the unique position a coach holds in the program, the quality of the students’ 10 success factors is in a very real sense determined by the support provided by factor number 11, the coach. Each improvement of just one point for a coach can lead to improvements of any number of points in any number of success factors for a student.