Promise to Participants

The arts, and music in particular, are fantastic whole-brain activities, worthwhile both in themselves and for fostering development in general. Mark S. Meritt has a great interest in facilitating positive growth experiences, for kids and adults alike. Mark strives to make all of his services enjoyable and engaging for you and him to undertake together.

More Than Yesterday 2No matter what your age, experience or background, when you participate in one of Potluck’s services, you will receive real respect. Mark avoids talking down to anyone, even the youngest children. Most importantly, you will come to feel that what is important is what you can do, not what you can’t. The only criticism you will ever receive from Mark is constructive, helping you learn that it is not only acceptable but desirable to proceed at your own pace. Whether you will turn music or the arts into a life pursuit or keep it as just a hobby, you can count on Mark to help make the experience an enjoyable one that you will truly value on whatever level is right for you.

When you have feedback to share, Mark will receive it enthusiastically, seeking out the seeds of possible new success for his work in what you have to say.

If you feel at any time that Mark is not fulfilling on the promises made here, remind him, and he will make every effort to make good. In this way, you and Mark can truly grow together.