About Potluck Creative Arts

Through Potluck Creative Arts, which he founded in 2005, Mark S. Meritt offers a variety of unique music, arts and creativity services that seek to entertain, enlighten and inspire by fostering creativity and self-expression. A lifelong artist, Mark’s eclectic background is filled with music, writing, theatre, film, and numerous intellectual pursuits, all of which come together to strengthen the services Mark provides to you.

Many of Mark’s services are designed to draw out your own creativity, from Simply Music Piano Lessons and Workshops to Shindig! All-Ages Music Events. Among the most unique of these participatory offerings are Potluck’s Songwriting Workshops in which you collaborate with others on the production of original artistic works, Custom Songs and Custom Instrumentals which Mark writes after focusing with you on your own needs and desires, and Creativity Coaching in which Mark helps you develop your own original creative project.

Several of our services are part of our Cooped-Up Creativity offerings that you can take advantage of by online video conference from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home!

Musical NoteWhen facilitating a Songwriting Workshop, developing a Custom Work or providing Creativity Coaching, Mark uses a process known as Appreciative Inquiry (AI). AI originated as an organizational development framework and has helped countless businesses and groups achieve breakthroughs in positive change. Mark has also found that it can be successfully applied in any situation requiring creative thinking, lending itself beautifully to artistic creation and, given its organizational origins, making it especially effective as the basis for collaborative creativity workshops. Even this website itself was created using AI. You can further sample the results of AI for yourself by browsing the Creations Collection.

Further contributing to the goal of promoting creativity and self-expression, this site also contains resources to help you learn about creativity and how to express yourself through your own life. You can also keep up on what’s new at Potluck Creative Arts, including news about workshops and other offerings.

In the service of Potluck’s goals, Mark makes this promise to all who participate in Potluck Creative Arts services.

Thank you for visiting!