Now a Master Simply Music Piano Teacher

Simply MusicI’m very pleased to announce that I’ve achieved the status of Master Simply Music Piano Teacher. This designation is by invitation only and recognizes those who are exemplary teachers of the Simply Music method and who further contribute to the Simply Music teacher body as mentors and trainers.

Ever since I began teaching the Simply Music Piano method nearly a decade ago, it has been so vastly much better an experience for my students and for me as a teacher compared to other methods I’d taught. Beyond that, Simply Music has always treated all of us teachers with tremendous generosity and thoughtfulness. For me personally, being involved with Simply Music has also provided many opportunities for me to present workshops and trainings to teachers and even to develop new programs for the method, allowing me to contribute to the broader community.

For the opportunity to do these things and the honor of becoming a Master Teacher, thank you so much to all my students and families, all of whom have helped me develop my experience as a teacher of this piano learning method. Thank you also so much to the Simply Music organization and its founder, Neil Moore.

Having been the first Simply Music teacher in New York State to achieve accredited, advanced and now master status, I remain New York’s most experienced teacher of this method, actively teaching since 2008.

Simply Music is a revolutionary, Australian-developed piano learning method that offers a breakthrough in music education. This remarkable approach has students of all ages playing great-sounding contemporary, classical, gospel, blues and accompaniment pieces — immediately — from their very first lessons.

Learn more about Simply Music piano lessons and workshops.

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