Now an Advanced Simply Music Teacher

Simply MusicI’m very pleased to announce that I’ve achieved the status of Advanced Simply Music Teacher. This designation recognizes those teachers who have fulfilled special requirements and demonstrated a clear understanding of and alignment with the Simply Music curriculum.

Thanks to my students over the years, all of whom have helped me develop my experience as a teacher of this piano learning method — and special thanks to those who worked with me over the last two years on recordings of some of their more advanced pieces, a key component for my meeting the criteria for Advanced Teacher status.

Having been the first Simply Music teacher in New York State to achieve accredited and now advanced status, I remain New York’s most experienced teacher of this method, actively teaching since 2008.

Simply Music is a revolutionary, Australian-developed piano learning method that offers a breakthrough in music education. This remarkable approach has students of all ages playing great-sounding contemporary, classical, gospel, blues and accompaniment pieces — immediately — from their very first lessons.

Learn more about Simply Music piano lessons and workshops.

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  1. congratulations Mark. Very exciting news. No one is more deserving to be titled “Advanced Simply Music Teacher” than you. Very deserving.


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