The “Simple Challenges” of Simply Music Republished

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Another of my writings has been republished by Simply Music, in their July newsletter.

When I wrote, Why Simply Music Piano Lessons Are Easier Than Traditional Methods, I wanted to do a few things.

Most obvious was making the case for why Simply Music was fundamentally more worth taking on, even for students who might already have some or even a fair amount of traditional experience.

But I also really wanted to help clarify some things for my (and other) current Simply Music students, helping students/families understand how Simply Music can still be easier than other approaches even as it poses its own very real challenges. Through that, I reaffirmed the value of good overall learning and practice habits to support the pursuit of musicianship as a lifelong companion.

With Simply Music having brought the piece to a worldwide audience, this is a great time to take a look if you haven’t, or another look if you have, getting some welcome support for the worthwhile challenges faced on the incredibly beneficial journey of musicianship. Click through to either link above!

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