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Lots of videos of my students this time around! Some from Simply Music, a bit from me, and some directly from one of my students as well.

First, a couple of months ago I mentioned that Neil Moore had been impressed with some videos he saw of a number of my students after they completed the first level of the Simply Music Foundation program. He’d wanted to put some of those videos up on Simply Music’s own YouTube channel. I’d shared here that one popped up on Neil’s YouTube channel, from a student of mine named Ethan.

Simply Music is now posting student videos on the official Simply Music YouTube channel. Ethan’s video is there now instead of Neil’s channel, and it is has been joined by a video of another student of mine named Johann. The videos were posted in a small batch along with a couple of students from other teachers. I’m really proud to see multiple students of mine appearing on Simply Music’s own official channel! Here they are:



While I’m at it, since many of you may not have seen it, I myself had also done some editing and online posting of those original Foundation 1 videos. While Simply Music took bits from across Ethan’s and Johann’s performances to make a montage, I edited together 10 students of mine to have each of Foundation 1’s 10 songs played by someone different.

My Students Play Level 1:

Not long before that original post to Neil’s channel, I’d also shared here a video of an original song composed by Bill, another of my students. He has since posted videos of himself performing Alma Mater Blues (a favorite of many of my students) as well as his own interpretation of the Dreams Come True “Broken Chord” arrangement.

Bill’s Alma Mater Blues:

Bill’s Dreams Broken:

I hope other students of mine will let me know about any online videos of them playing the piano, so that I can share those videos here as well!

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