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The Potluck Creative Arts Songwriting Workshop is now
Songs By You
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Creativity Through Appreciative Inquiry

The innovative process of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) — specially adapted for impromptu songwriting — guides the creation of each Songwriting Workshop’s one-of-a-kind song. A fun, appreciative group interview draws out what is best and most meaningful to the group for the given song topic, and envisioning the final work spurs further ideas.

More Than Yesterday 1With his talents and knowledge as an accomplished songwriter and his improvisational skills honed through a vast repertoire of songs in styles from Ragtime to Rock and everything in between, Mark guides the group to form its ideas into original music and lyrics that capture the essence of the group’s thoughts, the group’s feelings, the group’s story. It all wraps up with you recording the premiere performance of your own new song.

The high-energy creativity and cooperation that pours out of the group makes for an utterly unique experience. You’ll be amazed at how even those with no experience can create great music and lyrics, with Mark contributing only to help flesh out your own ideas. The result of every workshop: souvenirs to enjoy for a lifetime — an original song, and the bonding experience that creates it.

AI Seminar Options

Appreciative Inquiry is a powerful process which can be used effectively to generate positive solutions in any situation requiring creative thinking. Potluck Creative Arts will be developing seminars to supplement the Songwriting Workshop, in which the workshop experience itself becomes the lens through which to learn about AI — to explore what it entails, why it works, and how you can apply it to generate positive change in any area of life or work.

Contact Mark if you are interested in turning your workshop into a complete positive change seminar experience.