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When your child participates in ongoing Potluck Creative Arts Songwriting Workshops, he or she will learn to tap into creativity and work with others in ways that will last a lifetime.

Facilitated by Mark S. Meritt, your child will collaborate each week to write original songs from scratch by using an innovative Appreciative Inquiry-based process. Whether or not your child has any experience creating music or lyrics, he or she will get to know and learn to cooperate with the other kids as they cultivate their creativity together over the course of the workshop series.

The premiere performance of each new song is given for the parents at the end of each workshop. Your child will excite to seeing a video of the group’s performance on the internet along with the song’s lyrics, usually later that same day. The following week, we’ll start by singing our own latest creation from the week before as a warm up before diving into a new one. When the series is complete, the kids will give a recital, performing their entire repertoire of original works.

Each regularly scheduled workshop series also has its very own podcast and archive! You’ll get a special hyperlink to subscribe to a podcast dedicated to the new songs coming out of the very workshop series in which your child is enrolled. Listen to your child’s creations anywhere you play audio files, or visit the online archive anytime.

A truly unique experience for you and your child.

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