In a Potluck Creative Arts Singalong Workshop, singing along isn’t all you can do. Dancing and playing along with instruments can add to the fun.

Where some music workshops let kids use only particular instruments during class and others ask you to buy specific instruments to go with their programs, the “do it yourself” approach of Potluck Singalong Workshops extends to our use of instruments as well. No instruments are required, while those who are interested can choose your own to bring from home. As with your fake book, you and your child will then be able to take your workshop experience home with you for daily enjoyment of instruments that you like most. Buy new ones you’re interested in, or bring old favorites, it’s entirely up to you.

Songs Make Me Smile 4Since the focus of the workshop is singing along, we’ll stick with instruments that tend to provide rhythmic accompaniment rather than playing melodies. That means we’ll mostly use percussion, though there are some other instruments that fit the bill. Participants who would like to play instruments are asked to bring their choice of up to three non-melodic instruments, and we’ll set aside particular opportunities to play them during each workshop.

Looking for ideas of what to bring? You’ll find several on this list of musical instruments. The categories most worth looking in have many choices:

  • Idiophones, which are instruments that themselves vibrate to make sound
  • Membranophones, which have a membrane that vibrates, including all drums
  • And just for fun, free aerophones, which make sound by moving air outside the instrument

With you choosing your own instruments, all participants will get to see, hear and appreciate the different instruments everyone brings, all without extra materials fees beyond what you yourself find comfortable.