Singalong Workshops

Whether around a campfire or at a piano bar or doing karaoke, when people gather to sing together, you can have pure fun. Even those who don’t normally sing at all can feel free to let loose as part of the group. And when you can request favorite songs and hear everyone enjoy getting in on the act, you know you’re sharing a special musical experience. With Mark S. Meritt facilitating a Potluck Creative Arts Singalong Workshop, this uniquely enjoyable experience is available to people of all ages.

Mark currently offers regularly scheduled all-ages Singalong Workshops — ideal as a unique alternative to traditional parent-child music classes, but great for anyone! You can also tailor Singalong Workshops for your group.


“Sing Up” to Your Kids!

When you and your young children enroll in a Singalong Workshop with Mark, you’ll share a truly unique experience.

Songs Make Me Smile 2Many have long believed that the best way for kids to appreciate and engage in music is to see and hear adults and bigger kids taking part in it themselves. In Mark’s Singalong Workshop, the song list isn’t a curriculum crafted by “experts” based on what they imagine will be most “appropriate” for children — it’s chosen by you and your fellow participants based on what you will have the most fun singing together! Your enjoyment is contagious — and the most natural way for your children to learn to love music.

An accomplished musician, Mark excels at improvisation honed through a vast repertoire of songs in styles from Ragtime to Rock and everything in between. To ensure plenty of song options that you’ll be able to follow along with, you and Mark will take advantage of one of the improvisational musician’s greatest tools — the fake book. Fake books provide the complete lyrics and melody line for each song and can pack many titles under a single cover. The fake book of choice for your Singlong Workshops with Mark is The Best Fake Book Ever, with over 1,030 Songs spanning pop, rock, standards, show tunes and more! And if you’re interested, many other fake book options are available for Singalong Workshops as well.

The Best Fake Book Ever
The Best Fake Book Ever
Over 1,030 Songs • Purchase at:

With a modest one-time investment, you’ll own all you’ll ever need to take part in Mark’s Singalong Workshops for as long as you like — and you’ll have a great music resource that you and your whole family can explore at home at any time. Before you know it, instead of talking down to them and boring you the way some other workshops might, we’ll be “singing up” to your kids and having a great time all together with songs that everybody can really enjoy!

Songs Make Me Smile 3And singing isn’t all. Like other kids’ music classes, we’ll incorporate playing instruments and dancing, but in ways that are fun and flexible, expanding the “do it yourself” approach. Within simple guidelines, you’ll use your own instruments so that, as with your fake book, you and your child can take your workshop experience home with you for daily enjoyment. All participants will get to see, hear and appreciate the different instruments everyone brings, all without extra materials fees.

In Potluck Singalong Workshops, we all bring something to the table to create a unique experience that would literally be impossible anywhere else.

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Individual classes or term enrollments • Family discounts available • Tailor schedules, groups and fake books • Complimentary introductory workshops

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