The Advantages of Shared Lessons


The dynamic group environment accelerates musical learning.

  • Multiple types of learning through observation and experience.
  • Variety, physicality and group dynamics are energizing and fun for students and teacher, dramatically increasing students’ attention and engagement.
  • Questions and comments not all students would think of on their own.
  • Interactive discussion can deepen learning.
  • Pairings and mentor groups increase in-lesson educational support.
  • Classmates provide opportunity for out-of-lesson educational support.
  • Presence of others facilitates singing along, providing more holistic musical learning.
  • Playing and singing together gives ensemble performance experience.
  • Playing in front of others provides public performance experience.
  • Constructive peer pressure – groups increases students’ sense of accountability and can speed up those who would have been slower.


Music returns to its natural context as a joyful cooperative activity.

  • Students develop social skills and engage in teamwork.
  • Group dynamics create room for each unique personality.
  • Appreciation for multiple perspectives – everyone learns from everyone, not only from the teacher.
  • Community, camaraderie, friendship – within piano learning and potentially beyond as well.
  • No student is on the spot with the teacher for the entire lesson – opportunity to hide when needed based on personality, mood, etc.
  • Students learn to teach others – faster students in particular can take on a leadership role.
  • Parent/coach gains support from other students and parents/coaches.
  • Many of the musical advantages are social ones as well.


The return on investment increases dramatically.

  • Significantly lower financial cost per lesson.
  • Greater opportunity to exchange classes to avoid missing a lesson.
  • Classmates can help students catch up when a lesson is missed.
  • All the musical and social benefits would be missed in private lessons.

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