Selected Works by Mark S. Meritt

Selected Songs

Selected Instrumentals

Original Stage Musicals

  • The Right Circles (1994) Scheming Broadway writers make fun of avant garde theatre, but what goes around comes around. Includes links to all score selections.
  • Cupid’s Arrow (1988) A hip immortal helps college students find love. Includes links to all score selections.

Selected Screenplays and Motion Pictures

  • Deadline (1996) A feature screenplay in which a serial killer and a newspaper reporter enter a deadly relationship.
  • Citizen Arcane, a.k.a. The Lion’s Share (1995) A feature screenplay telling the true story of the man who plotted to assassinate Richard Nixon, written nearly a decade before the Sean Penn film on the same subject.
  • Gratuitous Violence (1992) A short film which spoofs Hollywood spy movies. Includes links to all score selections.

Complete Online Archives

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