General Policy

General Policy

Version 1.2

The following are general policies for Potluck Creative Arts, applicable independent of particular services of which one might take advantage.

Family Discounts

Family discounts are available to individual nuclear family units. Typically this would take the form of two adult parents/guardians and any minor children/stepchildren they may have. Alternative circumstances will be considered at the discretion of Potluck Creative Arts.

All members of a nuclear family unit become eligible for family discounts while any one family member is engaged in at least one paid service through Potluck Creative Arts.

However many such family members may engage in however many paid services simultaneously, the single highest fee at any given time from among the services must be paid in full for one family member. A discount of up to 10%, rounded to simplify accounting at the discretion of Potluck Creative Arts, will be applied to the fees for all other simultaneous engagement in paid services by eligible family members.

Minors under the age of 12 months may engage in appropriate services at no cost when at least one other nuclear family member is engaged in and paying for the same service.

In the case of services designed for joint participation of an adult and a minor, such as parent-child Workshops, a single fee will suffice to engage both the adult and a single minor as Participants.

Fees for family members should be combined into individual payments as often as possible. Alternate payment plans can be developed in consultation with Potluck Creative Arts.

Potluck Creative Arts will work with each family to determine an appropriate way of applying the family discount policy across its various services and fee structures. All discounts remain at the discretion of Potluck Creative Arts.


Potluck Creative Arts respects the privacy of its Patrons, Participants, prospective Patrons and prospective Participants (its “Constituents”).

Potluck Creative Arts will collect information about its Constituents only when it is specifically and knowingly provided by them.

All constituents are requested to keep Potluck Creative Arts informed of any changes to contact information so that current information will always be on file.

Potluck Creative Arts does not sell, rent, loan or transfer any personal information regarding its Constituents to any third parties except as may be required by standard business practices.

Use of Information

Potluck Creative Arts hopes that its Constituents will want to provide information about themselves, because this will allow opportunities to enhance and customize their experience. Examples of such opportunities may include specialized web pages, email offers and announcements, and traditional mail offers and announcements.

Potluck Creative Arts may publicize the names of its Constituents, the Potluck Creative Arts services which those Constituents have taken advantage of, and other basic details about such participation, e.g., the names of or inspirations behind any creative works or any other descriptive stories that result from these services, including but not limited to particular uses of information mentioned in service-specific policy documents. Constituents may request that any of this information remain unpublished and/or otherwise not made public. In response to such a request, Potluck Creative Arts will strive to cause the information to remain or become unpublished and/or otherwise not made public from that point forward. Anonymized versions of such information may continue to be used at the discretion of Potluck Creative Arts.

On occasion, Potluck Creative Arts may also share non-personal, summary information regarding its Constituents with unrelated third parties (e.g., public disclosure of the aggregate number of web site visitors or participants in various services).

Service-Specific Policies

Many Potluck Creative Arts services have their own unique policy to which any participating parties are subject. The complete list of service-specific policies is as follows: