Play-a-Story: A New Piano Program for Ages 4 and Up!


Big news! Simply Music will soon release Play-a-Story, a new piano program for students as young as 4 years old.

Though occasionally younger students have begun with the standard Simply Music curriculum, typically age 7-8 has been considered the best time to start. Play-a-Story now provides an ideal entrance to piano lessons for students not yet ready for the standard curriculum, especially for ages 4-5 but up to 6 or more as well.

Harnessing their intuitive sense of musical appreciation and interpretation, Play-a-Story teaches the foundations of piano performance by using stories as the basis for students to create music, improvising their own “soundtracks.” Before ever learning to play another composer’s music, students have the chance to discover their own musical story. Learn more about Play-a-Story.

I’m hoping to start offering this unique program sometime between late-2011 and early-2012. Many parents of younger children have inquired with me over the years, so if this is something you or anyone you know may be interested in, please be in touch to ensure your spot right when Play-a-Story launches in the coming months!

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