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Almost a year ago, I created the Formula for Success and the Coach’s Formula for Success. These self-evaluation tools can help students and coaches see more clearly where they are with the various tools and techniques of the Simply Music program, pointing the way toward opportunities for improved results.

Neil Moore and others at the Simply Music organization learned about them and liked them enough that they asked me if they could share them with students and teachers around the world through the Simply Music blog and newsletter. Naturally, I agreed. The original Formula was republished in their December newsletter, while the coach’s version was republished in April.

Though using them continues to be optional for all my students and coaches, the fact that Neil and the Simply Music organization thought highly enough of them to include them in their own blog/newsletter made me realize that it would be worthwhile for me to at least remind my own students and coaches about them once in a while! I’ll do that every few months, just to keep planting that seed. They’re great tools for helping ensure that you can get the most out of your Simply Music piano lessons with me, solidly supporting a long-term relationship with musicianship.

You can always find them through the Formula for Success student resource page along with everything else preserved under Student Resources.

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