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However long you’ve been taking Simply Music piano lessons, it’s probably safe to say that you’ve achieved far more than what you could have in the same amount of time with other methods. Maybe you’ve even achieved far more than you imagined you could.

In your best moments in the program, you’ve seen the possibilities. You’ve seen how a fantastic result can come together fairly quickly and easily. You’ve had that feeling of mastery that comes from playing an older song that’s become second nature, maybe even the amazement of playing it with your eyes closed. You’ve recognized that true musical creativity isn’t just for the Mozarts and Beatles of the world, that even you, just months or even weeks into lessons, can be creating your own original music and even improvising something brand new in the spur of the moment.

You can connect the dots between these experiences and the profound benefits that are yours to have in your relationship with music. You can sense that that’s where the path leads. By following the Simply Music method, you can get there. The method works.

If you follow it.

You’re aware that the closer you get to the fully following the method, the more success you’ll achieve, that there is still room for success even if you can’t reach that ideal — and that there is some point where putting in not enough effort can only lead to an end to your relationship with music. As long as you’re in the success zone, you’ll be fine. At the same time, the farther into that zone you can be, the more you can find even greater success in the program — and live up to your own potential.

Neil Moore, the founder of Simply Music, says that the difference between a student who does 99% of what is asked and 100% of what is asked is astonishing. So you can imagine how valuable it is for you to do as much as you can to follow the program, especially during times when you aren’t able to do it all.

To get there, it helps to know where you are already, so that you can see what else there may be for you to do to keep improving. A great way to do this is to use the Formula for Success, which you can also access through its page under Resources for Students —

As you’ll see, there are ten success factors. For each, you can rate yourself from 1-10, 10 being best. When you achieve all 100 possible points, you’ll experience the greatest success and the quickest, easiest progress. The first page provides a simple form that you can print and fill in, while the second provides a description of what a 10 would look like for each of the success factors.

Since we are always changing, it would be great to check in with the formula periodically. Monthly might be ideal, but you could do it less often — or even more often. Even if you do hit 100 at one point, it’s still worth continuing to check in with yourself regularly, because the one thing we can say about a long-term relationship is that it’s always changing.

When you rate yourself, be as honest as possible. The numbers have meaning only as a guide to help you keep becoming a better learner, and they can’t do that job for you if you fudge them. If at any time you fill in the numbers you feel sad or frustrated because you wish they were higher, let yourself experience those feelings, and then remind yourself that all the success you’ve achieved so far goes hand in hand with those very numbers. Celebrate that past success, and see the gap between your current score and 100 as what it really is — a fantastic opportunity for you to achieve even more success!

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