Three Great Music Resources

Three Great Resources for Simply Music Piano Students
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Rather than write a new article for you this month, I’m sharing with you something really valuable that someone else wrote, along with two other worthwhile resources for Simply Music piano students and anyone else interested in music.

Karl Paulnack’s Welcome Address to Parents

Dr. Karl Paulnack, the director of the Music Division of The Boston Conservatory, gave an incredibly inspiring speech to welcome the parents of incoming students in Fall 2004. Anyone who values music would do well to read this excerpt of Karl Paulnack’s welcome address. I’ll say no more, instead letting it speak for itself. Trust me, read it!

Simply Music Newsletter

The Simply Music head office recently informed teachers that the much anticipated Simply Music Newsletter will be launched the first week of April. Though students are not required to stay subscribed to this email newsletter, head office expects it to be “an informative, fun and vital tool for the entire Simply Music community,” and they asked that we let our students know of its impending arrival. Consider yourself informed!


No reading needed for this one — it’s time to make some music. The ToneMatrix is a web-based program that lets you create interesting, changing musical patterns, all by just clicking on the screen. The program loops at a steady tempo, so whatever pattern you make will get into a nice, repeating groove. It’s great even for those with no musical knowledge.

In the grid full of squares, click a square to trigger a tone. Click it again to turn it off. Click and drag in any direction or shape to select multiple squares at once. Higher rows give higher pitched notes. Columns determine when during the cycle each tone will play. The possibilities are as good as endless.

If you get inspired to try to make similar patterns on the piano, guess what? You can use all the black notes on the piano, and you’ll be using a set of notes equivalent to what ToneMatrix uses. So enjoy, online and off.

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