Holiday Season Accompaniments

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With the year winding down, some recent happenings made me think it would be a good idea to share some very simple accompaniment versions of some holiday songs.

About a week ago, Simply Music announced a newly revamped version of their accompaniments program as well as a brand new selection of creatively arranged Christmas songs called A White and Blue Christmas. The former is appropriate for students who’ve gotten at least as far as Star Spangled Banner in Foundation 2 and are somewhat into the Accompaniment 1 program, while the latter is for students even farther into lessons.

Then, last night, I taught Amazing Grace as part of a beginner piano workshop I’m giving through the local continuing education program. In talking about the possibilities opened up by learning how to perform accompaniment, I mentioned how great it is for sing-alongs, including for the holidays. Several of my students then expressed interest in learning some songs in time for this year’s holiday season.

I recalled from last year how some Simply Music teachers were sharing simplified accompaniment versions of various holiday songs. So while the new Simply Music programs should be excellent supplementary material for students who are ready for them, I thought it would be nice to share some simpler holiday season accompaniments also, doable for any students who have mastered even just Honey Dew and Amazing Grace from Foundation 1. Here they are:

Holiday Season Accompaniments

Because more and more accompaniments may be worth sharing over time, accompaniments will be collected on a special page called Accompaniments, where they can’t get lost in the chronologically ordered depths of the Lesson Line. Take a look at that page now for instructions on how to use the Holiday Season Accompaniments “cheat sheet” — and enjoy learning some new pieces in time for the holidays this year!

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