First Piano Potluck a Success

Last week, on Thursday, September 3, we held our first Piano Potluck, and it was happy success.

What the heck is a piano potluck!? The potluck part is easy. Everyone brought a dish, and we enjoyed some tasty food together. For the piano part, I had a keyboard set up, and throughout the potluck a number of my piano students performed favorite songs they’ve been learning in lessons. The students only played if they wanted to and what they wanted to.

So it was like a recital, but very informal, and with tasty food 🙂

Most of my students were there, and all of them who were there played — some played quite a lot! We even had guest performances from a few students’ parents and friends.

Thanks to all who attended and all who performed for contributing to a fun evening. To those who couldn’t attend, there will be other piano potlucks in the future, and we hope to see you there!

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