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Note: Updated information about this is permanently available at the Lesson Line Student Resource Page.

Here are some references and new developments that will hopefully help make it much easier for you to use the Lesson Line to get as much as possible out of your lessons.

The content of the Lesson Line is just as much a part of your lessons as anything delivered in studio, providing important advice to help make your piano lesson experience as successful as possible. The Lesson Line name may seem a little funny, because, when it comes to that information, there’s definitely not “less online” — there’s obviously more than if we were covering everything in class! But that’s exactly what allows us to spend as much class time as possible working on music projects, making the most of the lessons you’re paying for.

At the same time, what happens here online can perhaps sometimes seem a bit disconnected from what goes on in class, and it is certainly important that we keep conversations about these topics alive. The priority is serving students’ success. These things should help make it as easy as possible for the Lesson Line do just that.

In-Class Overview

From now on, at your lesson immediately following the publication of a new Lesson Line piece, we’ll spend a few minutes going over what the new piece is about.

For anyone who has already read the piece online and has questions, this is a great time to ask. Remember, though, that anyone is welcome and encouraged to ask questions about any topic at any lesson, so don’t imagine that it’s ever too late to bring up something covered previously through the Lesson Line, during a lesson, etc.

Studio Binder

There is now a Lesson Line binder in the studio. It contains a printed copy of each Lesson Line piece, with the most recent always added right at the front for easy access. Whenever you have a few extra minutes before or after class, you’re welcome to pick up the binder to read any articles you wish, new or old.

Email Announcements

Each time a new Lesson Line piece is published, you receive an email announcement with an excerpt as well as links to the complete piece at the Potluck Creative Arts website.

The subject line of those emails are now simplified, saying just “Lesson Line – ” followed by the article’s title. Hopefully this will make the emails as easy as possible to recognize in your inbox.

As always, click in the email on the article title or the “Read more…” link to open the whole article on the web.

If you prefer to read offline, feel free to print your own copy for your personal reference at your convenience. You’re welcome to do this with any Lesson Line pieces you find through any of the channels below as well.

Web Archive

Most pieces written for the Lesson Line are timeless, relevant indefinitely beyond the publication date. To help make them easily accessible for you, you can find the complete Lesson Line archive at the Potluck Creative Arts website at:

And now, there’s an even easier-to-remember way to get there. Just browse to:

or even just

and you’ll be redirected straight to the archive.

Of course, you can always bookmark the archive page, in which case it’s even easier to get to, just a click away.

The archive has always been, like the hardcopy binder, sorted chronologically backwards, with the most recent pieces at top. What’s new as of this month is that the archive has been redesigned to be more of a table of contents, showing only brief excerpts rather than the complete articles. This makes it much easier to browse past contents/titles to find topics of interest.

Primer Articles — Email and Archive

Together, the first nine Lesson Line pieces ever written form a sort of primer for succeeding with Simply Music piano lessons. Because of the foundational value of these articles, you receive them in their entirety via email over the few weeks after you first subscribe to the Lesson Line. This gives you direct access to these important articles without you having to search for them in the archive. Save them if you like, or know that you can always find them again in the archive. Either way, you’re encouraged to read them as they arrive, to get you off to as solid a start as possible.

After these nine primer articles, you generally do not receive complete articles by email anymore, usually only the brief announcements when new pieces are published.

For easy reference, here are links to the nine primer articles, in order from first to last:

Subscribe via Email or RSS

If you are a Potluck Creative Arts student/parent enrolled in ongoing lessons, at least one adult in your household must be subscribed to the Lesson Line via email. But anyone is welcome to subscribe via email or RSS, and it’s especially encouraged of all members of a household who are involved in lessons — the students themselves as well as any parents, guardians or others supporting any students’ progress.

In addition to the form at the bottom of the enrollment page, you will find at the bottom of every Lesson Line web post, including this one immediately below, a form to subscribe via email as well as a link to the RSS feed.

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