Dolores Pinto on Music Lessons

Mark Meritt began teaching piano to my 5-year-old son Adam in 1992. I knew Mark was an accomplished musician, but I don’t believe he had taught piano before. I was especially impressed with the logical, effective approach he took to the process. And it seems to have worked! Adam learned to play well over the years, and I always thought part of the reason a young boy would be willing to participate in piano lessons was the fact that his teacher made it fun and let him play music he liked. And, of course, Mark was a terrific role model for a child whose main talents lie in the academic realm. Adam went on to graduate at the top of his high school class, and I will never discount the role that his Music Lessons played in his intellectual development.

When Mark went to graduate school, Adam continued with another piano teacher. The strong foundation he had built over the years thanks to Mark made the transition easy. He regularly participated in the NYSSMA Music Festival and while I can’t remember all the details, I know he consistently received exceptional marks. I recommended Mark to my neighbors, and he taught their children as well.

I would recommend Mark without reservation and I am more than willing to speak with the parents of prospective students any time.

Dolores Pinto

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